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Is it Possible for Women to Balance Career and Have Children

For the longest time women have been struggling to have the same rights with men. it has not been easy, but women have won this struggle, and they have become well placed in the society occupying some of the most important positions worldwide. Having children can make women not to be certain about their career. At some point in life, women feel the need to start a family. Balancing between kids and growing in your career can be demanding because raising kids is demanding.

One is that you should change your career path; one thing about career is that you can take some twists and turns along the way. A woman always understand what they want career wise but along the way you might have different stops which are much better. When you land such offers do not sit in the comfort zone but rather re-evaluate what works for you and your future. Being on top of your career is a good thing and it gives you a beautiful feeling and so do not settle for less but rather the best. Choose your career depending on the hours you will spend working and the income you earn and then decide on whether it will maintain your lifestyle.

The other way is to delay in having children. A common way to get around your career and balancing between the kids is to delay the role of motherhood until later on in life. This will give you a chance to work up the career ladder and be able to establish yourself in your right role. Some times it can be challenging because the biological clock of is always ticking and affecting their fertility.

Studies have shown that in mid-thirties woman fertility starts to decline and this does not give her enough time to get established. Banking your fertility eggs will give you a good insurance policy for your future, and this is because younger eggs are less likely to lead to complications like the chromosomal problems which can cause Down’s syndromes.

You can start your business and build it to the level where the business can start bringing in profits and then you can run the business from the top, where you are not involved as much. This means when you open your own business you are your boss and you can take time off to go and start your family and have babies. For those young ladies who are planning to have a family later in life they can start by investing in business so that they can enjoy the freedom later when the time comes to start one and have kids. It is a good idea to start a business earlier as women will enjoy the benefits later because you can be free with no worries to start a family.