What Almost No One Knows About

The List Below Show Different Non-Teaching Education Jobs a Person Can Do

A person can get involved in non-teaching jobs which are many other than teaching. Non-teaching education jobs are jobs a person can do away from teaching. TrulyHired is one of the job boards where employers post jobs in education. Latest non teaching jobs are clearly seen by potential non teaching employees. The following are examples of non-teaching jobs available for a person.

School counsellor ensure that peoples mental aspect is well taken care of by giving guidance and counselling. At times people have feelings of sadness, of being left out and a feeling of not belonging to a certain group and this leads them to want someone to give direction so that they may feel well. Others times a student may be facing issues at home and this may affect their performance and way of interacting with other students and teachers. This is where a school counsellor comes in and gives help to the individual. The counsellor can deal with the issue affecting a person and will be able to come up with solutions for the problem.

Secretaries work at the front office desk in the administration block of a school. The work of the secretary is to ensure that visitors feel comfortable, given direction on what they want and ensure that they have been served well. Other functions of secretaries is taking phone calls, filling and documenting customers document they may also act as in-house messengers.

For directions on how to go about in the library is given by the librarian. For ease of finding books, the librarian ensures that books are arranged properly and the catalogues are in place.

School accountant are also important elements of an institution; they ensure that the school is running and operating effectively. By viewing of financial records of clients, the school’s accountant will be able to give a direction of operation in an institution. Accountants ensure data goes through processing until reports are come up with to make decisions that will help run the education institution smoothly.

Housekeeping is necessary for a school because it plays a major role. A well-trained housekeeper will make students stay in hostels be comfortable since he or she will help them to live a friendly environment. These people will ensure the number of people staying in hostels, whether there are enough beds and rooms for the student, whether there are things that need repair and maintenance.