Benefits And Types of Fence For Goats

The fence for goat is required to keep the goats protected inside and to keep the predators away from them. Fencing is also required to protect the surrounding shrubs and trees from being destroyed by the goats. It is more appropriate to say that fence for goats are not an enclosure to keep the goats in, but to keep the dogs out who may harm the goats. The fence also prevents some unwanted men to steal away the goats. The goats are prevented from grazing on some poisonous leaves and fruits that would be growing in the area outside the enclosure.

Types of Fences for Goats

Woven wire is the conventional form of Hegn til geder. It is made of horizontal wires kept away from each other with vertical wires. The spacing becomes more as the fence increases in height. Woven wires turn out to be costly and cannot be used in hilly areas.

Fence for goat made from barbed wire are effective for meat goats. These are eight strands of wire twisted together. They are not very expensive and can be constructed easily, but they can injure the animals. This fence often fails to prevent the predators to enter the enclosure. Barbed wires can be used to repair old worn out fences. They cannot be electrified.

Chain link fencing is the safest way of Hegn til geder to protect the goats from moving out. It is a permanent fencing but proves to be very costly. It is best for small area fencing.

The next best method of Hegn til geder is Hog Wire fencing. There are square holes in the fence which makes it quite effective, but the main disadvantage of it is that sometimes the goat sticks out it’s from the square opening. The horned goats can also get stuck in a square. There is also a possibility of the small kids of the goat to squeeze out of these squares. This fence is fitted with t-posts and clips.

The most widely used Hegn til geder in the modern times is the Electric Fencing. This fencing is run over the other fences to prevent the goats from fence climbing. Electric wire run on the lower part of the fence increases the effectiveness of the fence. Goats need to be trained to know about the electric fence.

The most popular Hegn til geder for keeping goats for a short period are portable electricfences. These can be easily transported, assembled and removed in a short period. The latest fence in this field is the smart fence. This is a four wired all in one completely portable fence system. It is quick, easy and can be installed instantly with an electric fencing method. It can be easily removed and stored away in a small area. All its components consisting of posts, wire and thread are packed in one compact box. It can be easily transported.