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Determining the Best Sprinkler System for Your Lawn The most talked about subject when it comes to lawn turf upkeep and maintaining your landscape is the cost of watering them. What most people do not know is that grass grows deep, healthy roots when you water deeply but infrequently. Another issues that most people are not aware of is that in order to establish a deep, strong root system for your lawn, there is a proper height for your grass to be mowed and that it has to be fed regularly. This information should put you in a proper perspective because it is really not simply all about your water bill. If fact thinking about the water bill should be the last thing on your mind. What is important in lawn care is the depth of the root system of the grass, the proper height of the grass, and the proper time to feed them, so that when you read or given advice by well meaning advocates, it will all make sense to you. It always happens that we do not know what a tool is for when we are given one for a specific task. You can compare this with a person who has a map and a compass and straightway goes wherever he wishes without knowing his specific location on the map as a point of reference. Similarly, you have to first know all the basics like what kind of grass are you growing, the kind of soil you have in your lawn, the terrain or the slope of your landscape. Knowing these basics is very important so that you will know what type of sprinkler system to put in our lawn and you can also decide how much water the particular grass needs in the particular type of terrain it is in.
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The rule of thumb for watering plants is that grass needs about an inch of water per week, either rainwater or your own sprinkler system. Now, placing this pointer from where you are should guide you how much water you need.
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You should also remember that shallow watering is not good for grass since it will only let them have shallow roots and they can easily dry up and have other problems. You should also know that the best time to water your plants is early in the morning since at this time the soil and grass has been cooled off during the night and evaporation is less. It is never good to water during mid-day or early afternoon when your turf and the ground is hot and therefore sensitive when sudden change occurs. This will make the grass brittle and the ground will also crack. With these tips you now know how important watering your plants is and how to find the best sprinkler system that can minimize your water usage and at the same time water your lawn properly.