This is the Nicest Place We Have Lived in

I had never been in any kind of apartment before, so my only exposure to them was what I would see on TV shows or movies. When my wife suggested that we we look at the Regency at Outlook Canyon apartments when we decided to find a nicer place to live, I honestly had no idea what to think about her idea. On the one hand, it would give us more flexibility than what we would have if we purchased a home. However, I had a preconceived notion of what an apartment complex is like too.

When I told her my fears, she laughed and told me that I watch too much television. She has a point, one of which was made much clearer when she showed me the website for the apartment complex. I was really surprised at just how nice these apartments were! They were actually like homes all clumped together, and sharing a lot of excellent amenities as well. When I saw that we would be able to get a three bedroom unit that even has a garage for our cars for less than what we would pay for a mortgage on a house, I knew that this was the route we were going down.

We filled out the application later that week after driving through the complex and actually seeing one of the three bedroom units in person. It is so much more than I could have ever imagined, and we were pretty excited when we found out that we would be able to move into the one we wanted that same month. We have been here for a little over three months, and I am still amazed at how wonderful it is to live here. Our son loves it, our two dogs are happy, and my wife and I are living in the nicest place we have been in since we got married ten years ago!