My Daughter is a Little Daredevil

When my daughter was born, I never realized the amount of love that a parent’s heart can hold. It was at that moment that I finally saw my parents in a different light, knowing that this was the same way that they felt about me. I would do anything to protect my daughter, and I definitely proved that not too long ago. She was just learning to walk, when she ran to the edge of the porch. Now you might wonder how that one thing had me visit a San Diego chiropractor the following day, and I’ll tell you.

I did not have a gate up because she had never done more than walk a dozen steps at a time. Somehow, she figured out how to run instead of walk though, and I had to get up off the ground and catch her before she reached the end of the porch. While she did not go over the porch, I did. I only went down a few steps, but I knew when I got up that I had hurt myself pretty bad. My back was screaming out for a heating pad and some pain relievers, and my mom came over to watch her granddaughter so I could lay down.

She is the one who told me to go see a chiropractor because she could tell how much pain I was in. For falling down just a few steps, the pain seemed like it should be a lot more mild. I was able to get a fast appointment, and as soon as the doctor did an adjustment after my exam, I instantly felt better. I did go back two more times for additional adjustments, and I have a feeling that it is not going to be my last time there either. I think I have a little daredevil on my hands!